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Join the Key Note School! Being a small, boutique school we know each student on an individual level.

Our small class sizes allow teachers to assess and assist students individually.

Our educators are able to evaluate student achievements based on multiple factors, such as participation in class discussion and oral testing in addition to homework and classwork assignments.

Key Note School follows a regular weekly schedule with all seven periods, meeting daily for 40 minutes with a five minute passing period between classes.

Core Academic Subjects


All students are interested in the world in which they live, which makes them natural scientists. Science assists them in making sense of the world around them. It provides possibilities to investigate and explains how and why things happen.

Language Arts

In addition to studying important pieces of literature, English classes teach teens about writing and speaking.


Everything in the world involves math or numbers in one way or another. It can not be avoided. Whether it is the programming of a video game or the price of things at the supermarket, numbers and math are everywhere!

Prominent Optional Subjects

Computer Science

Understanding the science behind computers and the ability to code them will be an important life skill.


Economics is a field that incorporates different disciplines, such as math and sciences. Moreover, it motivates individuals to think critically. That's why most lawyers, politicians, and Wall Street executives have extensive knowledge in this field. You don't know how the world truly works until you study the economy.


Students learn about the dramatic arc while acting and creating theatrical pieces that focus on a character’s important three-part process of motivation, action, and consequence. They learn how to embody a character on stage, while improving communication and public speaking skills.

Contact us to find out more about the variety of optional subjects offered in our school!

Peculiarities of Boarding Schools


The friends-factor in a boarding school is huge. These new friends are the right friends. Generally speaking, your child's classmates will be children who are at school because they want to learn. The bonds which boarding school students develop by living, learning and playing together, last a lifetime.

It Offers Structure

In many ways, boarding school is no different from a private day school or a public school. Every institution has its structure and routine. What makes boarding schools special is that this structure and routine are integral to the whole experience. Everything is tightly interlocked. That develops self-confidence, leadership and teamwork.

It Offers 24/7 Supervision

24/7 supervision does not mean a lockdown or prison-like atmosphere. Far from it. Watching TV or listening to music after your homework is done is the same as at home.

Quentin Beaumanoir

Principal at Key Note School

Key Note School was founded by a group of teachers who wanted to create a unique educational environment with the individual attention that inspires students to enjoy learning. Our ideals foster inclusion and inspire students to understand their strengths and capabilities.

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